Team440 @ Squires cafe 29/06/2014

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Team440 @ Squires cafe 29/06/2014

Postby Gsung » Sun May 11, 2014 6:06 pm


Hello there

I am not sure whether you have heard Team440 before but they have been running a meet at Xscape carpark for the past year or so. However due to the size of the meet they have had to change location to Squires Cafe (overflow field). If you have never been to Squires, dont worry it will be sign posted when you get closer.

There will be marshals on the day to show you where to go, help line up all the cars and make sure everyone behaves.

Currently there is around 7 trader stores, so bring plenty of money :)

All marques welcome and should be around 300+ cars attending.

Link to the team440 facebook page

Link to the meet

Few photos from the previous meets:




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