JDM North Meet Manchester 13th July

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JDM North Meet Manchester 13th July

Postby chrome233 » Tue Jul 08, 2014 11:51 am

I am not the creater of this even i just saw it on on facebook and thought you guys mite be interested, Theres notmally a 1000 or so attendants.

JDM North Meet Manchester

"We haven't managed to find another location yet so rather than keep you all waiting we'll get another meet done in Manchester while we're still on the search.
Same rules as usual, please respect that these meets take quite a lot of organising and it's not a chav fest so no key banging, donuts, burnouts etc.
All it's going to do is get us moved on and lose the location for us to use again in the future.
It is a Japanese car meet o if you come in something else if you could park it to one side it would be greatly appreciated.
The Jdm North stickers will be available to buy again on the day and if you want to pick up a hoody or t shirt on the day make sure you pre order one by messaging us on the JDM North page.
Post up some pics in the event page so we can see what everybody is bringing and lets have a good meet :)"

Date - 7:30pm 13th July
Location is - Trafford Asda, Barton Dock Road, M41 7ZA Manchester, United Kingdom
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