New event: HondaFest Trackday - 10 September 2017

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New event: HondaFest Trackday - 10 September 2017

Postby Alyssa » Fri Aug 18, 2017 12:32 pm

The first HondaFest Trackday will take place on September 10[SUP]th[/SUP], 2017 at Race Park Meppen. This new location has a large club paddock, as well as a brand new track, where many Honda drivers can get a unique track experience. Register for this track edition of HondaFest and experience this brand new track yourself.

APEX Track Time Session
Join one of the APEX Track Time Sessions and drive the track in Meppen with your own Honda. All Honda drivers are able to join. For more information regarding the available sessions and classes, please visit our website:

Register your club!
Are you planning to join the HondaFest Trackday in Meppen as a group? Reserve an area in the large club paddock, in order to assure yourself of your club participation. More information:
Clubs that’ll register in advance, will naturally receive a free club paddock card.


Strictly S2000
The Strictly S2000 session is a Track Time session which is for the S2000 owners only. All S2000 owners are able to drive the track. Would you like to participate? Pre-register for a session and experience this new track! There will also be a Strictly S2000 theme on the paddock in Meppen.

StopTech Kickdown Competition
Green light? Drive as fast as you can to the end of the track and come to a perfect stand still in the marked area. Are you the first to stop in the marked section? If so, you’ve won the session! Be the fastest and win one of the trophy’s.


Free Retro Parade on track
Are you driving a retro Honda and would you like to join the Retro Parade on the track? Pre-register for free and reserve a spot for your ‘oldie’, while driving amongst all the other oldtimers. Be quick, since there are only 20 spots available! 20 participants will get selected out of all registrations.

Free registration for the individual paddock
Would you like to be certain of participation during this Honda event, but doesn’t your car fit in one of the themes? You’re of course more than welcome to join the paddock in Meppen. Pre-register for the paddock and get a paddock card for the paddock for free.

More information:

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