For Sale/Wanted guidance (for those that can't see them)

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For Sale/Wanted guidance (for those that can't see them)

Postby davidanderson » Fri Jun 04, 2010 11:43 am

Some of you may not be aware but there have been growing issues with the private for sale and wanted sections of the forum. Unfortunately we've had to take certain measures to try and limit the problems which will have a side effect of impacting on the newer users & those that don't frequent the forum a lot.

Basically to view the For Sale and Wanted sections you need to have at least 10 posts to your name, and to post in there you need to have made 50 posts on the forum. This has been set up to deter some of the casual scammers and those not interested in contributing to the community on here and only see it as a means to buy/sell their haddock :wink:

The process is automatic so you won't need to contact a moderator/administrator to get activated in these sections.

Just as a reminder deliberate spam will be binned but please take this into account..

garylythgoe wrote:If you want to increase your post count, why don't you guys contribute towards the community by:

-helping in the tech sections
-posting in the social bits
-welcoming the new guys
-posting pics of old and current cars


Thanks for reading 8)
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