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Gallery/Album Use

Postby Del » Thu Oct 21, 2004 3:03 pm


I would like you all to pay attention to some new guidelines/rules about the usage of the gallery/albums:-

The General Public album is NOT to be used for the following:-

Personal Avatars
Pictures of "for sale" items
Non Integra/Honda related images
(email them to me instead )

Every member has use of a personal album where you can upload up to 10 pics, please use this for any image not suitable for the general/public album. You should always try to use you own image space in your personal album wherever possible. OK I hear a few at the back saying 10 pics is not enough, but see it from my point of view, each member has a potential space for 10 images at up to 1024x768 pixels, and there's over 500 members... that folks is alot of space and bandwidth which I pay for.. so dont go asking for more.

Any new pic posted in the Public Album not conforming to this rule will be deleted without warning. EXISTING images not conforming to this rule will be allowed to stay untill the end of December 2004 before being deleted. So please start to copy them and upload them to your personal area if necessary.
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