Traders' etiquette

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Traders' etiquette

Postby Evs » Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:37 pm

Just a polite reminder for new and established traders alike:

:arrow: All ads should be posted in the 'traders - cars for sale' or 'traders - parts for sale' sections.

:arrow: The private sales section can be used for stuff you've used yourself and you're offering in the spirit of a private sale (ie you have used it yourself and didn't buy it in specifically to trade it on). If this is the case then it's worth mentioning it in the ad to avoid confusion.

:arrow: 'Wanted' ads are fair game for replies if you can help out - posts are fine but PMs are better, as this avoids 'bidding wars' to supply the item to the member.

:arrow: Traders are members and as such are welcome to post in any other section. BUT please be careful not to become a 'constant advert'. This forum is intended as a resource for its members to exchange information, not as a promotional instrument for traders. Please restrict promotional activity to the classifieds unless someone specifically asks 'where can I get one of these?'

:arrow: Please remember that advertising on this forum is a privilege for which we don't currently make a charge. As such we reserve the right to remove or edit posts or adverts without warning if we consider that either the letter or the spirit of these rules has been broken.

Thanks for looking :)
davidanderson wrote:Basically, if you want to sell on here follow the rules - if you don't then feel free to FRO :)
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