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Thanks for clicking on this thread :thumb:

Please read on – it’s a combination of rules, polite requests and commonsense...

:arrow: Users with under 50 posts CANNOT sell or buy via this forum. This is done to try to minimise the amount of people being ripped off. This includes the Wanted section
Do not attempt to bypass this rule by spamming the New User/Anything Goes or any other section with single word replies to threads in an attempt to increase your post count as you WILL be banned.

:arrow: Items offered for sale must be yours, no links to other people’s stuff on other forums or 'listing on behalf of a mate' etc. They must also contain a photo of the ACTUAL item with a piece of paper showing your username on it, so it can then be ascertained that the pic shows the actual item not some random library pic.

:arrow: Please post a full ad with a description of the item for sale, not just a link to another site. The seller must describe the item fully, and in doing so takes responsibility for the details being accurate, please don't copy and paste the content of an external link unless you are the seller. The ad must state a price that you'd be happy to accept for the item. A price with 'or offers' or something similar is fine, just asking for offers is not. The ad is also to include the location of the item.

:arrow: Please state whether you are prepared to post or deliver the item, and whether the cost of delivery is included in the asking price. If it is a large item for collection only, then please state your location.

:arrow: Traders please use the retailers’ sections for ads, unless the item is something you have used yourself and offered in the spirit of a private sale (in which case please make that clear so that the mods/admin don’t assume it’s in the wrong place and move it :lol: )

:arrow: No eBay links. At all.

:arrow: No 'gauging interest' threads - the item is either for sale or it is not.

:arrow: No chit chat in the threads. Feel free to ask questions about the item for sale if the ad isn’t clear, and to answer them if you’re the seller. Please only post if you are genuinely interested in buying the item for sale. Comments like 'ooh that's nice' etc (however well intentioned) will get binned on sight.

:arrow: No comments on prices or other thread crapping. Sellers are free to set the price they think is reasonable; the market will decide whether or not they got it right :idea:

:arrow: No bumping. Updating prices or adding info (within reason!) is fine. Gratuitous bumping, ‘still for sale’, ‘all PMs replied to’ or any other ruse for getting the thread to the top will just get the entire thread binned on sight without warning or explanation. Any repost of the same item for sale will also be binned. Be warned that this rule will be rigidly enforced so please don't try to bend it and then complain to the mods after the event.

:arrow: Please help us keep the place tidy and avoid wasting everyone’s time by marking your item as sold or no longer for sale when it’s off the market. The best way to do this is to edit the thread title to ‘SOLD’ (to do this, you edit the first post), and also post it in the thread, this will move it to the top and draw our attention to it so we can remove it.

:arrow: ANY threads breaking the rules will be immediately removed once seen by the mods / admin. If a user breaks the rules twice within a 7 day period, then they will receive a 24 hour ban again with no notice.

:arrow: The section will auto-prune any threads that are over 30 days old, as if the item is not sold after that time, then no-one wants it. This is done to help keep the section manageable. After this period of time adverts can be re-posted. This is also in place to get rid of any adverts where the seller hasn't changed the title / status to "SOLD".

:arrow: Lastly, please be cautious when purchasing items for sale advertised here or anywhere else. The use of this forum to advertise items for sale does not give or imply any guarantee by the forum, its administrators or moderators, as to the trustworthiness of the seller or the suitability of the item for its intended use. The forum is only a medium for advertisement; the forum, its administrators and moderators accept no liability for any loss or damage arising from the advertisement of an item for sale or any subsequent transaction.

Thanks for reading :D

Evs wrote:Just to clarify, for items we consider the minimum acceptable price reduction to be the greater of £5 or 10% of the original asking price, ie
£5 on an item priced at anything up to £50
£10 on an item priced at £100
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