What Is Online T-Shirt Subscription And How Does It Work

July 6, 2022 0 Comments

Today, streaming services and software are no longer the only products available through subscriptions. People can now buy physical goods, including clothing, with recurring payments from countless companies. Regardless, if you’ve discovered an online t-shirt subscription service and are now interested, this article can help. Below, you’ll learn what shirt subscriptions are and how they work; please read on.

What Is Online T-Shirt Subscription?

As the name suggests, the online t-shirt subscription system is a way of acquiring t-shirts through recurring payments. Like streaming services, shirt subscription companies can charge customers automatically on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. On the other hand, a customer can receive one or more shirts with or without knowing the design on every agreed date.

It started around 2010 with the founding of a service called “Birchbox” and has since then risen into popularity. Besides the convenience, the online shopping fixation of today’s generation is another reason for the fast mainstream market adoption of t-shirt subscriptions.

How Online T-Shirt Subscription Work

1. Choosing a provider

Instead of paying for a subscription immediately, it’s best to take the time and choose a provider carefully. After listing a few companies, consider their quality of service and customer reviews. You can also check the pricing and perks, if there are any, and use these things to compare and find the best provider.

2. Plan selection

After deciding what provider to go to, the next step would be to select a subscription plan. Typically, companies offer monthly and yearly plans, but there are also others that provide shirts weekly. Regardless, when choosing, the important things to consider are:

  • Pricing
  • The number of shirts(s) per delivery
  • The ability to select shirts
  • Included freebies or perks
  • Cancellation terms

3. Agreeing on terms and payment

Reading the terms before paying for a subscription is essential. By doing so, you can learn a particular plan’s rules, which helps in managing expectations and deciding whether to proceed or not. Regardless, if you feel like the terms statement is acceptable, then you can proceed with the payment. From then onwards, the company will charge you automatically, so your payment source should have enough funds during billing dates.

4. Deliveries

If the first payment is successful, you should expect package delivery in no time. Once you receive the parcel, check the contents to see if everything promised has arrived or if the quality/number of shirt(s) matches your plan’s terms. If there is any problem, don’t hesitate to report it to the subscription provider to get your money’s worth and avoid issues for the next deliveries.

5. Subscription cancellation (situational)

If you have reported a problem and the provider doesn’t seem to care, the wisest action would be to cancel the subscription. Typically, such companies allow cancellation anytime, so it’s best to terminate the plan before the next billing date. There are other choices out there, so you don’t have to stick to a provider that’s dishonest or has poor after-sales support.

Try Online T-Shirt Subscription Today

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